R+D Project 001FX14092018

1. Fractal Crossover Geometry Engine Module (FraXGEM)
3D Model Data Compression.

Web VR is coming. Access to 3D graphics is expected in real time, however it presently takes too long to download. What if you could enjoy 3D web content instantly?

Boom! FraXGEM can do it. It is able to reduce the data footprint and transmission time by over 95%!
The rapid evolution of 3D imaging and modelling has created increasing challenges for organisations who want to rapidly transfer complex 3D models and their associated attributes from one device to another especially where external networks are involved. Our unique approach of using "Fractal thinking" facilitates this transfer by radically compressing the data footprint of the 3D model.

As InteliSurf™ evolved, it became apparent that prolonged download time of 3D Geometry was a problem. A small programming team was tasked with proving that fractal thinking can significantly reduce the data footprint and thus enhance the transfer of large 3D geometries over available networks. Data is scanned and the DNA of that data is written into a packet called the Seed (SE3D
TM format). It is this SEED that is transmitted. The seed is then re-grown, and the data is cloned. This tool has been named FraXGEM™.

Our Proof-of-Concept tests of FraXGEM™ have demonstrated that our patented approach has great potential. In one of our tests we’ve achieved a reduction by over 96% in the data footprint of a 3D model of a city, and subsequent download time by 95%. This level of reduction could enable significant savings in transfer times (and potentially storage costs) especially when applied to very large design files or where bandwidth space and slow transmission hardware is an issue.

The potential target market for faster 3D data transmission includes:

1.      VR/AR
2.      Manufacturing
3.      Transport
4.      Infrastructure
5.      Military
6.      Aerospace
7.      Social Media

Our current plans are to integrate FraXGEM™ within InteliSurf™ and commercialise the combined application for each of the above target market sectors and/or development of FraXGEM™ separately for specific customers.

MORE at www.intelisurf.net




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