Since 1998 Filski ID delivers creative solutions using the following formula:

Fast - Speed and quality.

Inspired - Based on principles derived from nature.

Local - Using local resources as a priority.

Sustainable – Commercially viable solutions that positively affect our children’s future.

Knowledgeable – Attentive, highly informed problem analysis and a well designed plan of action.

Iconic - Creating integrated and insightful concepts containing a unique and quantifiable innovation.

Filski Industrial Design is established to design innovation for sustainability and business growth in a symbiotic relationship we call "Co-Existential Design".

We are inspired by principles of Natural sciences to deliver unique, marketable, and successful creative solutions. Our approach is based on a holistic design thinking process driven not by replicating natural forms, but by observing the formulas of natural design, and applying that knowledge in new ways.

"Filip is a designer full of enthusiasm, creativity and able to approach different fields of design, from the car to product, with the same professionalism and competence."

- Alfredo Palma. Design Project Manager, Pininfarina.

"Filski ID’s design concepts have helped provide us with a competitive edge in our market with outstanding aesthetic and practical designs."

- Bryan Goh, Group Marketing Director, Waterco.